THREE C is a project funded by the new ERASMUS+ Programme, focusing on entrepreneurial competencies for a circular economy amongst young people in Europe.

The circular economy is a management concept that is embraced by an increasing number of decision makers and companies.
The main idea is to ensure the re-usage of resources, in a way that products are made to be made again.

Hence it aims at moving away from linear production (produce – use – dis-pose) to a circular approach based on sustain-able, climate and resource friendly processes.

A circular economy, as an integrated and innovative management approach, requires new competences, for instance on systems thinking, inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral approaches, but also on entrepreneurial skills like project development and sense of initiative.

THREE C  has developed during the first  working year a 9-steps didactic approach to intergrate circular economy learning arrangements and projects in European schools and an assessment and validation approach for the competences acquired therein.

Creating Competences for a Circular Economy