Good practice: lessons on circular economy on Ondernemersacademie Koning Willem I College

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Thursday 7  april – On the second day of the annual conference about Innovation in education and ICT  ‘Nait soez’n moar broez’n’  there was a workshop ‘Lessons on Circular economy’. In the Topsportlounge of the Martiniplaza in Groningen about a dozen of interested teachers and school managers gathered for the workshop of Rene Boon en Suzanne Broeders. They represent the ‘Ondernemersacademie’ of Koning Willem 1 College in Den Bosch.

 Most of the participants in the workshop were managers, teachers and policy makers in education who really intend to implement this theme in their school. That’s why they are very much interested in the didactic model that has been developed in the Three C project.

Suzanne Broeders en Rene Boon have developed their lessons following the step by step guide of the didactic model of Three C.

They showed in detail how they performed each of the steps in their lessons.

The participants were very enthusiast about the presentation, also because Suzanne and Rene modified the items that didn’t work well in the pilot phase.

The participants copied the link to the MOOC about Three C and they gave their mail address because they would like to receive the manual.

Rene and Suzanne are very satisfied with the workshop. They hope that their presentation will lead to introduction of the Three C theme in more Dutch schools.

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