Dutch ThreeC Community of Practice meeting. 19 January 2016

On January 19 2016, participating teachers of ThreeC in the Netherlands attended a meeting as Community of Practice. Every teacher described shortly how he or she progressed on the development of their ThreeC project. Based on these short presentations, the group reflected on some pending issues:

– How to attract an interesting contractor for a ThreeC project?

– How can you ensure a continuing collaboration with contractors?

– How can you involve more colleagues in these ThreeC projects?

– How should we assess learning outcomes of these kind of projects?



Furthermore, the basic framework for the reference system of the ThreeC competence ‘circular economy redesigning’ (IO2) was discussed, with a special focus on the development of the assessment toolbox (IO4).

The teachers underlined the importance of this Community of Practice and to continue the existence of this network, also after the end of the ThreeC project. An important focus could be, how to match the collaboration between schools and contractors with educational learning purposes (as a collective learning process) on the one hand and societal or entrepreneurial needs and demands on the other hand?

Click below  for the PPT (partly in Dutch)

ThreeC CoP dd 19012016

The next meeting will be in April 2016.