Preparation of ThreeC educational pilot project

foto pilot project westerloOn December 8, three students of Fontys University of Applied Sciences started with the design and development of a ThreeC educational pilot project for the Vrije St-Lambertusschools in Westerlo. They met Hedwige Vangerven, teacher of economics and project partner of ThreeC, who explained her expectations for the educational project. Since then, the students organised weekly project meetings (see photo) together with Eefje Smit, lecturer of geography at Fontys and specialized in sustainable development. Eefje Smit supports the students with the transfer of circular economy content and ThreeC teaching strategies into one project. They chose ‘packaging’ as the business case for the project.

On February 23, the students will present their first version of the project to involved project partners of ThreeC.

In March, the project be conducted in at the Vrije St-Lambertusschools in Westerlo. Tim Favier, researcher and lecturer at Fontys, will evaluate the project: what are the effects of the teaching strategies? Based on the experiences of Hedwige Vangerven, the students, Eefje Smit and the advices of Tim Favier, the ThreeC teaching strategies can be further developed.