Workshop on sustainability skills in the class room

On November 7th 2014 Martin de Wolf conducted a workshop about the application of sustainability skills in the classroom for 55 Dutch geography teachers.

Four assignments for secondary school higher grade classes were given to the participants. The purpose of every assignment was to show how sustainability skills can be trained separately. The assignments were based on a discussion paper.

Following sustainability skills were selected:

  • Systems thinking: a lesson about palm oil production and land grabbing in Uganda.
  • Values-consciousness: a lesson about genetically modified food.
  • Empathy-ability: a lesson about emergency development aid to Eastern Africa.
  • Action-oriented: a lesson about food production in the Philippines.

The subjects are not all directly linked to a circular economy context, but the main objective was to do a short experiment with didactical strategies. The workshop participants were asked to discuss:

  1. Does this didactical strategy contribute to the development of [the specific skill]?
  2. Is this an adequate assignment for secondary higher grade classes?
  3. How can this assignment be improved?

The outcomes of this workshop were quite useful:

  • The outcome of the discussion and evaluation was merely positive (average score of 3.5-4.0 on a scale of 5). Suggestions for improvement are more or less useful.
  • A few teachers who joined the workshop, showed interest to join ThreeC as participants.

Workshop 7 nov.Duurzaam denken knagdag 2014

Opdrachtenbundel duurzaam denken knagdag